The Big Show - TrueNAS x OpenZFS

The Big Show - TrueNAS x OpenZFS
Photo by Jason Pofahl / Unsplash

Next project is TrueNAS x OpenZFS.

Add VDEV manually because TrueNAS UI doesn't support for partition disk.

zpool add -f $pool_name special gptid/1f971a85-7561-11ec-aaac-f4e9d4844700
zpool add -f $pool_name log gptid/0bdad140-7561-11ec-aaac-f4e9d4844700
zpool add -f $pool_name dedup gptid/f934f74d-7560-11ec-aaac-f4e9d4844700

Ofc, this is debating. But, because we use Intel Optane, so this can be an exception.

More references will be added later.