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Localization Project

Localization Project
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Have you heard about localization?

is the process of making something local in character or restricting it to a particular place.

So why this can be a project?

Projects (apps) are regularly written in the international language.

But sometimes they want to be in a different local language.

So yes, it's called localization.

There is some platform to help you localize the projects. They are also used by well-known open-source projects.

Something like Pootle or Transifex.

Regularly I use Transifex to contribute to open-source project localization.

I love the simplicity of doing localization in Transifex. They have a shortcut key to help the process faster.

Here is the shortcut I use.

Tab -> move to the next string
Shift+Tab -> move to the previous string
Ctrl+G -> copy source string

Want to contribute to your favorite open-source project? Come join me!

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Transifex is a modern localization workflow and crowdsourcing platform, suited for software and dynamic content translation.