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OpenNebula: Can't Update Existing Infrastructure Hosts Name

OpenNebula: Can't Update Existing Infrastructure Hosts Name
Photo by Luke Stackpoole / Unsplash
Issue: You may have requirements to update the existing Infrastructure Hosts on your OpenNebula cluster that are currently hosting virtual machines (VMs), but the hosts name can't updated

Here is a scenario that illustrates this case:

  • Existing host: compute1.sgp.example.com
  • Change host to: compute1.sgp-1.example.com

The host information in the Infrastructure > Hosts section has already been updated to reflect the new hostname, compute1.sgp-1.example.com

However, the information in the Instances > VMs section still displays the old hostname, compute1.sgp.example.com

Furthermore, if you check via the command, onehost show compute1.sgp-1.example.com you will find an empty list of VMs.

Resolution: To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. If the VM is in Unlocked status, lock and then unlock the VM. Alternatively, if the VM is locked, unlock the VM first and then lock it again.
  2. Refresh the Sunstone dashboard.
  3. Validate with onehost show compute1.sgp-1.example.com

By following these steps, the VM information will be updated accordingly, and the Infrastructure Hosts will be changed as expected.